About Norcent

Long County in Shaanxi Province, one of the best geographical areas for shiitake mushroom planting, is located in the 34 degrees north latitude, 10.7 degrees east longitude, against the Long Mountains and Liupan mountains; It obtains rich geographical resources of the Qinba Mountains. The average temperature is keeping at 10.7℃; the average annual precipitation is 600.1 millimeters. The annual sunshine duration is about 2033.3 hours. It is rich in water resources and dominates a national water source conservation site there. Meanwhile, as the industrial development is absolutely restricted, the water resources are natural without any pollution, which is the most suitable ecological environment for the organic shiitake mushroom cultivation.
Norcent Agriculture Co., Ltd – the modern agricultural enterprise, is taking the advantage of its unique geography to cultivate high quality shiitake mushroom and annually delivered around 3, 000 tons to the world.
Since 2004, the Norcent people kept working hard and going forward, after 8 years of experience in practice and market testing, we had a business strategic transformation in 2012, changed the former cultivation mode from medical and edible fungus cultivation into current scale cultivation of the shiitake mushroom only. After years of development, now our planting area reaches to 440,000 square meters and we have 4 planting bases respectively in Wenshui town, Xinjichuan town, Guguan town and Badu town, with over 700 staff –100 skilled workers and 600 farmers.
We have full set of production facilities at site: high temperature sterilization equipment, the mycelium cultivation greenhouses, winter and spring shiitake mushroom cultivation greenhouses, summer and autumn shiitake mushroom greenhouses, drying rooms, sorting section, inspection area, packing area, cold storage area, finished product warehouse.
We have the full quality-control system – IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC. We strictly control the quality to ensure that the production process is free of pesticides, it is organically grown and completely organic food. Our shiitake mushroom meets the SGS testing standards. All the products are 100% qualified before delivery.
Our core technology team has rich experience in mushroom cultivation and management, which ensure that the output of shiitake mushroom with a stable quality-round shape without any defects, neat gills, equal size; It tastes fresh and fleshy with mellow aromas & deep mountain flavor; easy to soak in water.
Norcent shiitake mushroom has high nutritional value; it contains high dietary fiber, protein, carbohydrates, energy and fat and so on.

shiitake mushroom
Today, our products are exported to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, America, Europe and other Southeast Asian countries. Customers gave a high praise for our product quality and services.
Norcent is highly recognized by government officials at all levels and has acquired many honors and awards.
Norcent is one of Top 10 anti-poverty enterprises in Shaanxi province. The state council of China gives much more policy-type support to these anti-poverty enterprises. Now we adopt the operation mechanism of “base + farmers”, which has driven many local poor families out of poverty, and now it has driven more than 1, 700 local households to join this program.
Norcent’s philosophy is “The best quality, the best credibility, the best management and the best service make success.” With the joint efforts of all our staff, partners and customers, we firmly believe that Norcent can become the leading enterprise in the mushroom industry.
We don’t directly create gourmet food.
We are just the advocate of natural ingredients.
We believe in the natural products.
Each Norcent shiitake mushroom is full of the taste from the deep mountain.
Love with Norcent shiitake mushroom; Enjoy the natural taste!