Loan to the
householders fungus bags
Long County is a poverty-stricken county, agriculture still is the mainstay of the local economy, but usually the agricultural output is not high, because of the environmental factors such as geographical location and low temperature, so people's income cannot be guaranteed.
Since the establishment of the company, we have created an integrated complete industrial chain of edible fungi research, cultivation, processing and sales with commercialized fine management, in order to drive the poor households out of poverty.

"Borrowing the fungus bags and returning mushrooms"

is the main development way that the company has explored in the industrial anti-poverty model.

Production water,


facilities shed,

technical training,

8000 bags of fungas.

The farmers

cultivate shiitake


Purchasing with

different price after

sorting and testing.

The farmers

get the final return.

Xing Baolin, a poor farmer in the Wenshui town planting base, he said:"It's much better than farming land, you can get more money and learn the technology." He was busy picking the new harvest mushrooms in his own contracted sheds, picking, stooping and putting the mushrooms into the box, a coherent movement with full skils.
Yang Jianxin, another poor farmer in the Wenshui town planting base, he was introducing to the government official who came to inspect the anti-poverty project, he smiled and said: "The planting sheds are contracted to me now. My wife and I have contracted six sheds. We can get the company's technical support, it's very helpful to us. Under the guidance of the company's technical staff, the profit of last year was quite good."
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