November 2018

Beautiful Dream of Miss Shiitake


Once uponMiss Shiitake is a quiet girl who is curled up under the big tree.Her body is so weakFaith is so strongShe supported the umbrella for the [...]

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October 2018

Shiitake Mushroom Ribs Soup


Shiitake mushrooms are delicious and delicious, which can increase appetite and promote digestion. Both patients and normal people are edible. It can lower blood lipids, especially for [...]

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Picking Shiitake Mushrooms


For shiitake mushroom farmers, picking mushrooms is a very familiar job. Repeat this work approximately 100-160 days a year. However, due to the familiarity of work, frequent [...]

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China Shiitake Mushroom


Shiitake Mushrooms have high nutritional value and health benefits, and have a unique taste and flavor. The artificial cultivation of Shiitake mushroom originated in China, and it [...]

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Norcent Shiitake Mushrooms


Norcent Shiitake Mushroom strictly controls the planting and processing process and carries out QC.Make sure that each mushroom has a natural taste.Love with Norcent Shiitake Mushroom, Enjoy [...]

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September 2018

Shiitake Mushroom of China


Shiitake mushrooms have high nutritional value and health benefits, and have a unique taste, which is very popular among people. Shiitake mushrooms are mainly distributed in Asian [...]

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The benefits of eating dried shiitake mushrooms


Dried shiitake mushrooms are a common food in our daily life. They have many benefits for our cardiovascular system.Eating Dried shiitake mushrooms is good for cardiovascularIn addition [...]

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How to Choose Better Dried Shiitake Mushrooms


How to Choose Better Dried Shiitake MushroomsDried shiitake mushrooms are made from fresh shiitake mushrooms. Dry shiitake mushrooms can be stored for a longer period of time and transport is [...]

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