How to Choose Better Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms are made from fresh shiitake mushrooms. Dry shiitake mushrooms can be stored for a longer period of time and transport is more convenient, but how to choose better dried shiitake mushrooms? Today we will going to learn how to choose good mushrooms.
The overall requirement of the shape of dried shiitake mushroom is that the cap is thick and uniform, the cover is smooth and uniform in size; the pleats are neat and fine; the edges are rolled and thick; the handle is short and thick, and the handle is firm and hard; no mold, debris and Coke piece. Choosing dried shiitake mushrooms is more careful than picking fresh shiitake mushrooms. The choice of dried shiitake mushrooms mainly depends on the “beautiful”, which is the cover of shiitake mushroom. The cap is thick and the aroma is more intense; the cap should be rolled inward, if it is straight, it means that it is overcooked.
It has the unique color of the shiitake mushroom, the color is yellow-brown or dark brown, the bright and bright is good, the shiitake mushroom surface will be slightly hoarfrost; the color of the pleats is light yellow to milky white, and the color purple-red is the goods.
It has a strong and unique aroma of shiitake mushrooms; it has no fragrance, or has other strange and musty tastes.
The moisture content of dried shiitake mushrooms is preferably 10% to 13%, and it is better to be crisp and not broken. Can not be too dry, the quality of the crushed is not good; it can not be too wet, otherwise it is not conducive to storage, easy to deteriorate.