How to Choose Good Dried Shiitake Mushrooms?

1 Smell
Good mushrooms have the natural smell. If there is a musty, it may be improperly stored or have other additives. Norcent Shiitake Mushrooms, respecting the concept of nature, we firmly believe in the natural products, each Shiitake Mushroom is full of the taste from the natural cultivation.

Norcent Agriculture Shiitake Mushrooms

2 Moisture content
Good dried shiitake mushrooms, moisture content should be in 8% to 12% is appropriate, too much water, will be unfavorable for storage. In addition, the more moisture, the less weight of dried shiitake mushrooms under the same weight. The water content of Norcent Shiitake Mushroom is strictly controlled at around 10%, ensuring product quality and ensuring the shelf life of the products.

Norcent Agriculture Dried Shiitake Mushroom

3 Drying
The three general drying types are: Dry naturally, Drying by coal, and Drying by electric.
1. Drying naturally: The cost is the lowest, and the drying efficiency is very affected by the weather. If the ambient air is unqualified, there will be dirt, dirt and other contaminants attached to the surface of the mushroom. When re-exporting or deep processing of the mushroom product, it will cause a lot of inconveniences.

2. Coal drying: low cost, domestic mainstream drying method. It can be carried out with less investment. The disadvantage is: coal roasting, cannot 100% guarantee the SO2 content of dried mushrooms, coal cannot completely burn during the roasting process, produce toxic gas, may enter the mushroom products, the market SO2 exceeds the standard products, the vast majority Caused by the coal drying process.
3. Electric drying: large costs are required, and the drying cost is higher than the above. But the quality of the product can be completely controlled. Norcent Shiitake Mushroom are all electrically dried, only for healthier mushrooms.

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