Management of Shiitake Mushrooms in Spring and Summer

The climate characteristics of May-June are high in the daytime, low in the evening, and low in relative humidity. After the shiitake mushroom bag is finished, the temperature difference and humidity should be used to stimulate the occurrence of the shiitake mushroom bud. During the day, the film is covered on the small arch shed, causing high temperature conditions. The film is uncovered in the evening, and the water temperature is lowered in combination with the water spray to increase the temperature difference between day and night. After 3 to 5 days of continuous stimulation, white flower cracks will form on the surface of the bag, which will then develop into shiitake mushroom buds. After the shiitake mushroom buds are formed, the shiitake mushroom buds that are incomplete and cluster should be removed as much as possible.
Because of the high temperature and a large amount of water evaporation, it is necessary to spray water and cool down in time. Spray water every day according to the weather conditions, spray water 2~3 times on sunny days, 1~2 times on cloudy days, and cool down at the same time. At this time, the weather is gradually rising, and the shiitake mushroom should be timely. It should be sooner or later. The shiitake mushroom cover should be basically unfolded and harvested in time. Generally, it can be harvested once in the morning and evening. When harvesting, pay attention to picking up the shiitake mushroom pedicles and preventing mold infection. After harvesting a shiitake mushroom, it is necessary to carry out the cultivation and reduce the water content of the bacteria bag. After 3~5 days, the bud is destroyed by spraying low-temperature cold water, 2-4 times a day, and the shiitake mushroom buds are formed and managed according to the routine.