Norcent Agriculture Co.,Ltd

Norcent Agriculture Co., Ltd mainly engaged in shiitake mushroom, was founded in 2012.
The production base of our company is located at 34 °N, 107 °E, in the BaoJi city, Shaanxi province. There are Long, LiuPan and QinBa mountain there. The altitudes range from 800 to 1500 meters. Since the average temperature of this area is 10.7 C, the average annual sunshine hour is 2033.3h, the annual average precipitation is 600.1 mm, the climate conditions are quite suitable for the growth of fungus. The production base can provide rich raw materials which are easy to get in Shaanxi for fungus production. As one of the national water conservation land in China, it is a restricted zone of industrial development and has the sufficient water resource which is purely natural and pollution-free.

The resident population of Long county is 270 thousand. The labor in this area is abundant.
The climatic features in the region:
1.Semi-arid and mild climate zone in the north;
2.Semi-humid shallow zone in central and southern part;
3.Humid and cold middle mountain zone in the south.

In virtue of the abundant fruit tree resources, it has the low cost of raw materials and other obvious advantages. All in all, The climate, resources and labor conditions in the area are very suitable for shiitake mushroom cultivation.
As we have many plantations,each plantations has different elevation gradient, we can continuously product all the year around.

Wenshui–one of our production base: