Preparing Shiitake Mushrooms and Shiitake Mushroom Recipe Ideas

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The shiitake is a versatile food that can be making variety of dishes. You can buy these in raw, cooked or dried. They’re becoming more and more popular because of their nutritional value, you can find shiitake mushrooms very easy.
When preparing shiitake mushrooms, you need to cut off the stems because they’re too woody to eat, but it’s not necessary for you to throw them out. Add them to a veggie stock to soak up all of those nutrients.
Rinse the mushrooms completely. They can be put in a bowl of hot water for about 10 minutes to eliminate residue and then rinsed it. Now it’s time to add them to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here are some ideas for you:


You can add them to an omelet with veggies; try this delicious Veggie Omelet Recipe. Add avocado to the top is also a great idea.
Add them to miso soup for an extra kick of nutrients.
Use shiitake mushrooms in this Green Bean Recipe.
Prepare lettuce with a mixture of organic ground turkey, shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts.
Make a hearty spinach and shiitake mushroom quiche.
Create a flavorful sauce with wine, shiitakes and ghee — try this Chicken Marsala Recipe.
Make a delicious soup by combining shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, fresh ginger, cilantro, lime juice, chicken stock and coconut milk.
Use shiitakes in this healthy Mushroom Soup Recipe.
Create a stir-fry with shiitake mushrooms, lots of veggies, and your favorite source of protein, like shrimp, chicken or beef.