How Long Does It Take to Soak Dry Shiitake Mushrooms?

Depending on the method of soaking, the time required is different. It usually takes half an hour to an hour.
The general method of soaking dried shiitake mushrooms:
First, wash the dust on the surface of the mushroom by water, then put it in warm water for about 1 hour, then take it out. You can take the water from the mushroom to the supernatant and add it to the dish as flavor. You can even heat the mushroom water to boiling 2 minutes, and drink directly after cooling.
soak dry shiitake mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc., and patients with severe renal dysfunction and uremia are cautious.
Pay attention to the cleaning of mushrooms. The inner layer of the mushroom has a “fishing sheet” like a fish gill, and it is difficult to wash the fine sand inside. Pour the mushrooms into the pots, soak them in 60% warm water, and stir them in one direction for more than ten minutes. The “leaf pages” of the mushrooms will slowly open and throw the sand into the water.

dried shiitake mushroom
Special method for soaking dried shiitake mushrooms: adding sugar to the hair
After washing the mushrooms, they should be placed in cold water immediately, and soaked with appropriate amount of white sugar to avoid the loss of the ingredients. Soak for about half an hour, and when the mushrooms are soft, remove them from water.
Classic method of soaking dried shiitake mushrooms: hot water bubble
When using hot water to make shiitake mushrooms, you need to soak the mushrooms for a long time, and the pedicles of the shiitake mushrooms should face the water. Slowly soak the shiitake mushrooms, then gently pinch the shiitake mushrooms and wash them to make the mushrooms. The sediment material sinks into the water.
Dried shiitake mushroom is a common edible fungus. It is a finely baked shiitake mushroom that is easier to preserve than the fresh shiitake mushroom and can extend the period of consumption.