Uses of Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are very versatile. I think Shiitake mushrooms is the best cooking method to keep the good stuff greater, both taste-wise and nutritionally. It can be making shiitake mushroom soups, stews, salads, vegetable dishes, ragouts, meat dishes, sauce. Lots of people described the flavor of shiitake mushrooms as woody or earthy, which limits their use in cooking applications but savory dishes can often benefit from the mushroom ’s texture.
When we buy fresh shiitake mushrooms, the flavor can be quite light, but drying the mushrooms before cooking with them can enhance the flavor greatly, making them an ideal burst of flavor and nutrition in your menu.

dried shiitake mushroom
When we purchasing, shiitakes should be fresh, firm, not moist and wrinkled. Put them in the refrigerator with a paper bag for a week. Just before you use, wipe them with a clean, damp cloth to prevent sogginess. Dried, they keep in the freezer for even a year.
Shiitake mushrooms are a very popular mushroom native to East Asia. Because it has many health benefits, it has been considered a medicinal mushroom in traditional herbal medicine, documented in Medical practice and written thousands of years ago.
Shiitakes have a meaty texture and woodsy flavor, making them the great in addition to soups, salads and meat dishes.